Polina Shinkina has self-published the twentieth Chinese textbook – “Object of Contract” on www.lulu.com.


‘Object of Contract’ is an excerpt from Polina Shinkina’s ‘Purchase and Sales Contract Part 1’ eBook. It is designed for a wide range of the Chinese language learners and the Chinese language teachers as a supplementary material in their Chinese business lessons.


This eBook serves as an introductory part to the Chinese standard purchase and sales contract. It includes the following contract provisions: number and date of the contract, names of contracting parties, terms on which the contract can be concluded, unit of measurement, quantity, currency of goods and a brief description of delivery terms.


The text of the excerpt is followed by a word-for-word translation, list of used characters and the Chinese Character Decomposition Guidance with all decomposed Chinese characters used in this eBook.





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