The Chinese character decomposition refers exlusively to the Chinese language. In no way it can refer to the alphabetical languages.


We can not decompose any English word. English words can be spelled.


Regarding of the Chinese characters decomposition they can be split into smaller components – radicals and smaller meaningful characters.


Learning history of the Chinese characters and their etimology is very important for students’ background and theoretical base.


As for the practical usage of the Chinese characters the Chinese character decomposition method is used for the sake of the learning process because it helps very much to memorise characters and contributes enormously into development of writing skills.


I repeat again we shoul not mix etimology and decomposition.


See, how easy and understandable character looks when it is decomposed:


汉字分解。 Decomposition of the Chinese Character  感  gǎn  ‘feel’    


咸  xián salted,

戊  wù fifth,

厂  hǎn cliff,

一  yī one,

口  kǒu mouth,

冂  jiōng down box,

一  yī one,

戈  gē spear,

弋  yì shoot,

一  yī one,

丿  piě slash,

丶  zhǔ dot,

心  xīn heart,

丿  piě slash,

乚  yǐ second,

丶  zhǔ dot,

丶  zhǔ dot,




Good luck in learning!