The Chinese character decomposition is a new, very efficient and innovative method of learning and teaching the Chinese characters.

Though this method is very simple, it helps to achieve astonishing educational records.

Those students who learnt the Chinese characters with the help of decomposition and analysis easily memorize and write them without any difficulty.

Nowadays everyone looks for innovative and talented Chinese language teacher who can make miracles to his students – teach easily and quickly.

If students are happy with the teaching principles they will advertise and promote their alma mater with all their efforts.

Why not to use such perfect advertising resource for educational institution?

Please see how smooth and pleasant is the process of the Chinese character decomposition:

Decomposition of the Chinese Character   格 gé,‘standard’,

木  mù tree,

十  shí ten,

一  yī one,

丨  gǔn line,

八  bā eight,

各  gè every,

夂  zhǐ go,

丿  piě slash,

又  yòu again,

口  kǒu mouth,

冂  jiōng down box,

一  yī one,

木十一丨八各 夂丿又口冂 一

Synonyms: Structural analysis of the Chinese characters, Breakdown of the Chinese characters, Chinese characters split.

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