People use mobile telephones because modern society can’t imagine its existence without mobile phone communication. The same thing is happening with the Chinese character decomposition.

If you understand the vivid advantages of the Chinese character decomposition as the core tool in the Chinese language learning and teaching you will never do without it in the future.

Polina Shinkina has self-published on 1000 decomposed Chinese characters in her ‘The Chinese Character Decomposition Guidance’.

This Guidance is the real break-through in the new method of the Chinese language learning and proclaims new teaching principles of this mysterious language.

The Chinese character decomposition method is very simple and understandable, you can see yourself: decomposition example of the Chinese character 百 bǎi ‘hundred’


一 yī one

白 bái white

丿 piě slash

日 rì sun

冂 jiōng down box

二 èr two


百 bǎi hundred


Good luck in learning and teaching!

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